Andy Caffrey laid out need for a Climate National Emergency Green New Deal & Electoral Revolution in 2017 Ice Collapse Talk

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Fifty Fukushimas: The National Security Threat from Rapid Polar Ice Sheet Collapse episode of Andy Caffrey’s GRAR 0003

This presentation was prepared to train politicians, journalists, NGOs, activists and students about how to adequately deal with, in an electoral politics context, the planetary security threat from collapsing ice sheets.

Special thanks to Rhett Smith at Wave Street Studios in Monterey, CA for the video shoot and James Ogle for producing this road show event. Andy sings “Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs” written by Lee! Goland. Lee’s complete musical archive is available at

Andy recites “September 19” and “Very Eyes” written by John Trudell, published in Living in Reality: Songs Called Poems.

Andy recites “Environmentally Disturbed” and “After the Breakdown” written by Dwight Worker, published in Environmentally Disturbed.