Andy Caffrey Becomes First Ecotopian Democrat to Make Congressional Primary Ballot Thanks to Help from Neurologically-Challenged Woman & Husband

Andy & Kurt at Eureka Elections Office, March 9, 2018. Photo by Shirley.
WOW! How fast things can change. Thursday night I had only received one contribution this week for my Congressional campaign with the deadline for submitting $1,695.63 less than 20 hours away.
Then, Shirley, a friend of mine who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and her husband Kurt, both who live primitive lifestyles on their SSI checks, called me up and said my getting elected to Congress was too important to them for me not to make the ballot because my friends weren’t supporting me enough even to cover the ballot fee.
They insisted that, after being snowbound for the last week, they drive over on hour down from the hills to come into town first thing the next morning and take out a loan from the credit union to loan me that $1,700, and that they then drive me the 130-mile round trip to the Eureka elections office as soon as the credit union cut the check.
I was dumbfounded. I had $27 for the fee when I woke up yesterday morning. Kurt and Shirley were in town at the credit union by 10:30. They told the credit union what the check was for and who it was for. Kurt said he thought that actually helped them get the loan (!) because the credit union knew me approvingly! OMG!
But Kurt left his headlights on so his battery was dead across the street from the credit union! He was parked in a diagonal space on a slope with cars on both his left and right sides, so he couldn’t get a jump, and he didn’t have jumper cables or AAA anyway. He said he couldn’t get folks to help him push his car up out of the parking spot.
I was ready to go and walked over to him three blocks away.
On the sidewalk I saw this guy that Stephanie Nicole Thomas and I had asked to sign my nomination papers outside Ray’s Market the night before the deadline for submitting them. He turned us down and said he was a proud Trump-voting Libertarian.
So when I got up to him, I gave him a big smile and said, “Hey man! You’re the Trump-voting Libertarian, right?” He smiled, said yes, and then he offered to help me push the car out of the space!
But just as we were doing that, a huge black pickup with four young Latino guys pulled into the spot where we were pushing the car. They overlapped each other by about a foot.
I went back to the sidewalk to see if there was any more room for the truck to pull forward, then I went to the driver’s window, waved, and told him what we were doing. He immediately looked ahead and pulled forward as much as he could.
Then all of those guys, without me asking, jumped out and helped us push the car around their truck and then forward until Kurt kicked it into gear. Smiles all around and thanks expressed.
We then drove back to my place, kept the car running, and Kurt and I unloaded from the back of his car 400 pounds of animal food to temporarily store it for the day in my van. Just as we started doing that, a young guy walking past us on the sidewalk stopped to ask if he could help us! Muscular young guy. Carried two 40 pound bags at a time! Again, we were humbly appreciative to the guy.
We got to the elections office at 2:45 and an hour later I had paid the fee, completed all the paperwork. Now I’m on the ballot for the June 5 primary Congressional race for the 2nd district of California! Oh boy!

Andy swears oath to Constitution during 2012 Congressional campaign at Eureka Elections office.

Funny thing about being a politician. You get overwhelmed with an infinity of things you can do with your time. There are over 700,000 people in a Congressional district organized into perhaps 100,000 groups! Most experts suggest that we meet with rich people, labor unions, city and county honchos, party groups, large membership associations, etc.
But I do things differently. I spend a lot of my time doing the most pragmatic things to help poor, homeless, and disabled people in my neighborhood. I spend some nights every winter doing overnight to keep a few homeless people from freezing to death.
I have a lot of friends with autism and other neurological burdens. People that most folks avoid and deride and a few idiots actually abuse. But I always give them my love, listen to everything they want to talk about, treat them with the utmost respect, and basically see them as I see any of my other friends.
When I needed nomination signatures last month, I went to Community Cornerstone, a daytime community and activity center for neurologically and physically challenged friends and neighbors. So I think people with autism probably put me over the top, giving me the nomination to be our next Congressman.
Therefore, my doing so over time may have had one of the biggest positive impacts on my political future and the future impacts I might now make, out of anything else I’ve chosen to do with my candidate time!
Shirley and Kurt truly love me, and I think Shirley is somewhat blown away at the caring way I treat her and hang out with her. And in the end, it was giving a little bit of my life to bring some caring and fun and assistance into the lives of Shirley and Kurt that got me on the ballot yesterday.
It wasn’t any of the millionaire growers around here, or any of my celebrity or lawyer/business owner millionaires who got me on the ballot yesterday.
It was a woman with fetal alcohol syndrome who turns 65 on Monday and her husband who saved the day… and may have changed history.
Shirley is also just a cool person! She is very political and talks to me about her fear that Trump and the Republicans, with the acquiescence of most Democrats, are going to take away her SSI and Medicare and that of her dear friends.
Then she left me gobsmacked yesterday. She probably has an IQ of 50-70. But she said to me, “Andy, you know what, I think Trump is more retarded than I am!”
What the hell do you say to THAT! Because we don’t use the word retarded anymore, my first impulse was to say, “Shirley, you’re not…” But as you hear that, it sounds ridiculous, because her comment was not about self-loathing and negatively labeling herself. She was with me. She loves and cares about me and knows that I love and care for her happiness. She absolutely trusts me to always be caring to her.
She was pointing to an obvious fact about her mental capabilities, and she made a very funny political joke about it and Trump from her own self-awareness! How cool is that!
So I said, “Yeah, I think you’re right, Shirley! He is!” And we shared a good laugh!

If you can, please help me raise the money to repay Kurt and Shirley ASAP and to hit the road passionately for the next 11 weeks! Gasoline, burritos and coffee!
You can give online or mail a check paid to “Elect Andy Caffrey” 816 Locust St. #C, Garberville, CA 95542.
You can also help tremendously by sharing my campaign materials with your social network as I develop them over the next 11 weeks.

Thank you! Let’s get going!