Andy Caffrey Announces Bid to Get Sanders Activist Support As Bernie’s Green Democratic Vice Presidential Running Mate in 2020


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Letter to Redwood Times, Humboldt Independent, Anderson Valley Advertiser and North Coast Journal:

March 15, 2018

There are three candidates running in the CA-2 Congressional race. Republican Dale Mensing and I, both of Garberville, CA, are the only opponents of incumbent and former Hillary Clinton Superdelegate Jared Huffman.

So it’s a crystal clear choice for the June 5 primary in CA-2: Hillary Superdelegate Huffman, Green Sanders Democrat Caffrey, or Republican Creationist Mensing.

As he has in the previous two races, Dale will get all the Republican votes because he is the only one with an (R) after his name. In CA-2, which is perhaps the most green and liberal district in the nation, that is only 25% of registered voters. So that is the number that Greens, Sanders voters, and I have to beat by June 5 to make the top two for the November ballot.

So the test will be if the Sanders voters and Green party voters come out for Caffrey on June 5. I hope you will. Please start to spread the news now!

Over the next three years I’ll also be campaigning to be Bernie Sanders’ 2020 vice presidential running mate!

As the greenest politician in the country and a co-founder and elected leader of two Green parties, I have a deal to offer Green party activists and Sanders Democrats.

For those Sanders supporters who think Bernie didn’t go far enough on major issues, if I am Bernie’s running mate, I will pull him to the green left. So we get a better Bernie.

I ask the Green party to either not run a major presidential bid if Sanders/Caffrey gets the nomination or to nominate Sanders/Caffrey as the Green party candidates.

I already promote the New Green America Agenda, the greenest program offered by any Congressional candidate of any party.

Bernie will have to agree to invite Green party candidates for all other offices to table and speak at our events. So the Green party would get a tremendous opportunity to spread the Green party paradigm within the community of progressive Democratic party activists, as I have been doing as an Earth First! Green in Democrats clothing since 2008.

If the Green party makes this agreement, then Sanders becomes the only choice for Democrats in 2020 to not have a Green party presidential opponent.

We also get made into a national priority what I have been calling for, a national emergency effort to get off fossil fuels in ten years and to clear the coasts of nuclear power plants before they are subsumed by the first five feet of sea level rise from collapsing polar ice sheets. That’s what I want from Bernie to be his vice president.

When Sanders/Caffrey is elected, then the nation will have elected its first truly Green vice president. Once Bernie’s term or terms are over, then we really have a chance to elect our first Green president.

I do NOT believe the Democratic party is the future vehicle for Green politics. I believe the future is with independent third parties. That is where I hold my allegiance. But I do believe at this specific point in history, odd as it may seem, we have a chance to pull off a miracle.

“Jared is a good guy but he’s not getting anything done that needs to be done. The fundamental problems of our society are not going to be changed by the people who are in power now because they are funded by the richest elite of our country. We need an Electoral Revolution NOW!

For more information and to support my campaign please visit or look for me on Facebook.

Don’t wait any longer. We can use your help today! Please contribute your first $27 now!