All Pundits Miss it! Bernie sweeping everywhere outside of the south





MSNBC and the rest of the media pundits are missing what’s really happening in America.

Hillary is only winning the south. Plus Iowa by coin toss, Massachusetts by 1, Nevada by 5.

Bernie is winning the entire rest of the nation!
The rural conservative counties of Michigan ALL went to Bernie! So is all of rural white America.

We are being conned by the media with this Super Delegate math being thrown in our faces which allegedly shows the hopelessness of Bernie winning a majority of the delegate vote at the Democratic convention.

But if Bernie comes into the convention of the majority of popularly-selected delegates, the Super Delegates will be forced to flip or face a revolution in the convention.

After tonight’s victory in Michigan MSNBC reports the actual pledged delegate count is

Hillary 761

Bernie 545

That’s a 216 delegate difference with the best states still to come for Bernie!


I haven’t heard it said before, but sometimes while we watch what is happening we fail to notice what is not happening. As we’ve been watching Frankentrump slash away with chaos, we haven’t noticed–especially now that Rubio interests are going down for the count tonight–that all of the establishment power tribes of the Republican party have now been taken down. Well, there’s Kasich, I guess…




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