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I’ve been an environmental, social, and political activist my whole life with a huge interest in music. I was the only person who warned 20 years ago that global warming would collapse the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and cause 20 feet of rapid sea-level rise.

In 2014 NASA proved me right with their announcement that the total collapse of the WAIS is now “unstoppable.” So now I’m running for Congress, the only person qualified to represent CA-2, to support and fight like hell for Bernie’s full agenda in Congress. The Climate Crisis is our top national security threat and we need an Electoral Revolution to oust plutocratic politicians, displacing them with citizen leaders before it’s too late (It is too late for WAIS). Bernie Sanders agrees and followed suit with his call for a Political Revolution after lobbying from Andy.

Twenty feet of sea level rise this century is now “unstoppable” so I’m launching my Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power road show calling on the world to commence this year decommissioning all of the planet’s coastal nuclear power plants because they will all be inundated in 25-30 years. Most of them are sited just five feet above sea level. The California Central Valley water supply for 26 million people and 25% of the nation’s food production will be destroyed with six feet of sea level rise.

As a direct action protest, in my 2012 Congressional bid I smoked a joint and called on President Obama to free all the marijuana prisoners. This got me on national TV where I called out to him that “No one should spend another hour in jail for marijuana.” Eight months later he ended mandatory minimums for federal marijuana legal violations.

I wrote to the Pope for a year with my climate research so was probably instrumental in him producing his climate encyclical. After writing to Bernie Sanders for two years, he borrowed my call for Electoral Revolution with his call for a Political Revolution. And after sending them my research for two years calling for them to do so, I got President Obama and Bernie Sanders to call the climate crisis our top national security threat.

I coined the meme Climate Crisis and in 2002 was declared a BBC World Historic Figure as the world’s first anti-GMO crop trasher. I’ve taught myself how to sing all of The Doors songs and sing political Gaiabilly songs on the campaign trail. I use my iPad to make synthesizer music.

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