5 Years to Fight Climate Crisis

We were given five years

to start fighting the climate crisis

Now we’re at year zero!

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Ever since North and South America came together to create Central America, and cut the Pacific Ocean off from the Atlantic 2.6 million years ago, the earth has gone through a cycle of ice ages. During this period, up until the industrial revolution, atmospheric carbon dioxide only peaked at about 290 ppm. Now it is at 400 ppm.

The world’s best science in 1990 warned us that we had to reduce our emissions 50-80% by 2000 or 2005. And the science since then has shown all of that to be underestimations of what is now really unfolding over the entire planet. But for over 30 years the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the White House have knowingly and wantonly betrayed us all and done nothing to alleviate any of the threats of the climate crisis to our homes, our communities, and all of our lives.

The status quo of Republican and Democratic party national governance has put in jeopardy our entire national security. Andy sees the widespread death and destruction of property to several American states by Superstorm Sandy to be as devasatating as if it had come from enemy bombers. Except this time the foreign and domestic enemy is the fossil fuel industry and the traitors they get elected to office. The vast majority of our elected officials have been practicing the ultimate appeasement, to the Fossil Fuel plutocracy perpetuating us all down an about-to-be out of control death spiral for all of civilization and perhaps the very planet. All of this for continued profits.

We must fight this treachery together. These people have got to be removed from power. It is up to us to support and elevate to national office our best community leaders to displace this deadly corruption utilizing the power of our elections. We don’t need bullets for a revolution, we just need to organize and focus.

Now we’ve run out of time for free market mechanisms and lifestyle choices to reduce greenhouse gasses adequately, in time, to prevent permanent climate chaos.

Nothing short of a national emergency effort, similar to our response to World War II, to get off fossil fuels and nuclear power as fast as possible will do. This is the crucial fight that Andy will lead in Congress.

10/31/13 note from Andy:

This week, as we remember the ravages of Superstorm Sandy, the largest Atlantic Ocean storm system on record, it behooves us to consider our plight as we move forward during this climate crisis. Consider three studies that have come out during just the last two years.

In 2011, the International Energy Agency announced the harrowing results of the most thorough analysis “ever produced on the effects of releasing fossil fuels into the atmosphere.” According to that research we had five years, until 2017, before “global warming will hit a point of no return after which it will be impossible to reverse the process. Without a rapid change to our coal, oil, and natural gas infrastructure by then, “the climate will continue to heat up, regardless of measures taken to combat it.”

In 2012, a UC Berkeley report warned that we were reaching a tipping point in climate destabilization “that will lead to increasingly rapid and irreversible destruction of the global environment” akin to that at the end of the last ice age 14,000 years ago, when half the planet’s large animal life became extinct.

And now this month, a University of Hawaii report announced that “a climate plague affecting every living thing will likely start in 2020.” This climate plague “is a shift to an entirely new climate…. Extreme weather will soon be beyond anything humans have ever experienced and old record high temperatures will be new low temperatures…. This will effect billions of people and there is no going back to the way things were.”2

My 2014 Congressional campaign is the only project on the planet that is working to organize this rapid shift off fossil fuels. We are offering the only call for President Obama to declare a national climate emergency and redirect the nation away from fossil fuels and nuclear power as fast as humanly possible. You can learn more and lend a hand by visiting us at our Garberville campaign headquarters at the corner of Maple and Locust. On Halloween night we’re showing a documentary called “Global Dimming.” And I’ll be out in Whale Gulch at their Halloween trade fare beginning at noon. The clock is ticking. The time to organize for big, big changes is right now. Thank you.3

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