Fighting Marijuana Lies


Fighting Marijuana Lies
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Andy believes that no one should spend another hour in jail for marijuana-related violations of the law.

Andy knows that cannabis has extraordinary medical and healing properties, but that much more research has to be done to develop its full potential.

Andy believes that no one should ever feel shy or defensive about taking their medicine, even when it is cannabis.

It is a national disgrace that our war veterans must hide their use of medical cannabis from everyone they know. Andy is speaking up and taking a stand for our vets.

Unfortunately, marijuana is classified under the Controlled Substances Act as a schedule 1 drug, so medical research is entirely illegal in the U.S.

Andy wants President Obama to by executive order reschedule marijuana to a schedule 4 substance, which would allow full medical research of cannabis, and effectively legalize marijuana nationally.

Andy is starting a petition at the White House We The People petition site calling on the President to do that.

2014 Capitol Flyer

The best site to learn about the healing uses and research potential for cannabis is produced by my friends Dr. William and Kristin Courtney. Please check it out and send it out to those spreading ignorance and disinformation, and those who might benefit.

Cannabis International Foundation


Andy Calls Out Patrick Kennedy, Newt Gingrich and Van Jones on their Marijuana Prejudice

Letter to CNN’s Crossfire:

January 5, 2014

That was an awful program today on Crossfire. Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy is a dangerous, reckless, arrogant fool who knows nothing about the brain and health effects of marijuana and is willing to continue to ruin the lives of millions of innocent and harmless Americans.

And I’m not talking about his own cocaine, alcohol and OxyContin-fueled driving through the streets of Washington, D.C. I’m talking about what he said on your show!

He seems to want to blame the substances he abused instead of his own behavior for his almost murderous recklessness, at the expense of those millions of marijuana users he wants to keep locked up in prison.

I’m the 2012 Democratic Congressional candidate and medical cannabis patient who smoked a joint in front of a shut-down dispensary in my district to protest the Obama administration’s dispensary closure actions. My district includes the three counties that comprise the Emerald Triangle, the finest marijuana growing region in the world. I’m running for Congress now on a Climate Crisis Action Now and marijuana legalization platform.

First, stop calling marijuana a drug, Van, and lumping it in with the physically ravaging drugs made in chemistry labs. If you’re going to call marijuana a drug because it is psychoactive, then you better start doing the same thing when you refer to coffee, tobacco, and alcohol. There is a huge difference between the hard drugs, which are addictive and can kill you, and marijuana which is not and can not.

I would also challenge your presumption that because marijuana is “a drug,” that it is inherently a bad thing to be a recreational or artistic or spiritual user of it, and therefore you begin with the false presumption that it’s a priority to diminish and discourage its use in society.

Newt argued that because we historically, a century ago, had a problem with drugs being addictive, prohibition laws were needed. But marijuana is not addictive, so his argument is irrelevant to policy development now regarding marijuana legalization.

Newt also asked, “Are there any circumstances looking down the road five or ten years from now, where there could be an outcome in places like Colorado that would lead you to say, ‘You know, maybe this wasn’t the right policy.’ What would the benchmark be, that we’d gone so far that you’d want to rethink it?”

I would ask Newt a similar question, How bad would legal alcohol or tobacco use in Colorado (or any state) have to get for you to rethink the legality of their use? Isn’t it waaay past that point already? Newt! Can you even imagine legal marijuana use anywhere in America, among any age group, having more than but a fraction of the negative impacts of legal alcohol and tobacco use? So let it go!

Kennedy entirely misleads your viewers into thinking that marijuana is just another form of alcohol, but it is nothing of the kind! In fact, it is more like coffee than alcohol. Humans have evolved with both coffee and cannabis for thousands of years. Alcohol and marijuana don’t act on various parts of the brain the same way. We even have cannabis receptors in our brains! No one gets stoned and then says, let’s start a fight! Let’s go out and shoot people! When have you ever heard of someone being killed by a marijuana stoned driver?

Didn’t you watch your own Dr. Gupta’s excellent program on medical marijuana in which he revealed that only novice marijuana smokers suffer driving impairment when stoned? That is the opposite of the effects of alcohol or opiates on driving capabilities!

Yet millions of Americans have had their lives ruined, their families destroyed because they were jailed for something to do with marijuana and nothing else. Millions of American veterans live in fear, hiding their medical (or recreational) marijuana use from everyone they know for fear of losing their military pensions and benefits.

After my joint-smoking direct action got me on national TV, I received hundreds of comments from veterans and their family members thanking me. I had said, “No one should ever have to feel shy or defensive about taking their medicine. Thousands of people really suffer when President Obama shuts down the dispensaries”

Andy Occupy

How can we possibly continue doing this to any of our veterans, especially the ones ravaged for fighting in the name of our nation? Fortunately, I think President Obama was listening to me, and he has since changed course on his prior policy of shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries in medical marijuana states.

Mark D. Phelps was the main primary care doctor here in Garberville, the heart of the Emerald Triangle, for 29 years. We probably have the highest rate of heavy marijuana use in the nation. Surely, he would have seen some of these terrible marijuana health impacts and IQ reductions, never actually named by Kennedy, that is of such concern to Kennedy that he wants to use the iron fist of The Law to protect us from ourselves.

There were none! Dr. Phelps said that he had two patients who smoked 20 joints of marijuana each day who had esophageal bleeding and he thought young people from 15-18 shouldn’t smoke pot. We need a police state to protect ourselves from that?

Kennedy compares the devastating and horrific detrimental health impacts of tobacco to the benign or health-enhancing impacts of marijuana as if marijuana is as bad as tobacco! He even wants to wastefully tax users of marijuana to pay for an unwarranted scaremongering anti-marijuana propaganda operation because tobacco producers should have to do that (and to some extent do). Preposterous!

Kennedy’s biggest beef, his “number one problem is the for-profit motivation!!!” But cars kill millions! Let’s remove the profit motive from the production and distribution of cars, then!

Regarding the more dangerous drugs, let me ask you guys, are you mature and responsible enough to make your own decisions about your own cocaine, meth, and heroin use? How about your own alcohol and tobacco use? your own marijuana use? how about your own use of guns?

If not, then ought we start looking into passing laws banning people from shooting themselves? It seems pretty obvious that 99.99% of gun users don’t need to be coerced by threat of jail time into not shooting themselves. They have a sense of self and wellness preservation innate in being a human being. I suppose that if shooting yourself was addictive, Newt might want to see a law passed against it.

Newt said, “All inhibitions against drug use are going to collapse or certainly dramatically weaken. We could go back to the 1890s when all sorts of dangerous drugs were legal and their use was widespread and out of control.”

You know, while we’re at it, sex is pretty dangerous too… I wonder if Newt or Mr. Kennedy think we out to throw people in jail for having unprotected sex? Starting with the teenagers, or maybe with the Kennedy family? VD, unplanned pregnancies, and back street abortions cause far more severe harm to hundreds of millions of people–especially young women–than marijuana will ever generate in even the worst-case scenarios for places like Colorado.

There are already laws against the use of weapons while engaging in commerce. We don’t need anything more that is marijuana-commerce specific.

Newt repeats the conservative disparagement of the poor with the lie, “The place most likely to be using is the poorest neighborhoods.” Nope! As the unconstitutional Rick Scott pee test for welfare experiment showed in Florida, only 2.6% of the welfare recipients tested positive for illegal drugs while the national average use is 8.9% of the population.”

Kennedy–hypocritically and apparently uncomprehending of logic–complains that all of the negative social impacts of every American’s marijuana use aren’t being paid for, internalized into, the marijuana taxes! Of course, it doesn’t matter to him that this is not being done for any of the millions of more destructive products being legally sold to Americans. We’ve got to do it only with marijuana or else all of us proponents of legalization are frauds, according to him.

What exactly are those horrible consequences to society? Does he mean the billions of dollars in tax savings from ending the war on drugs and not having to pay to keep people in jail? Does he mean the flood of new tax dollars flowing back into governments, local, state, and federal? Does he mean all of the negative consequences of people getting well and not dying because of the cannabis-derived cures for cancer and other diseases that won’t be developed if Mr. Kennedy keeps his prohibition in place? How about the horrible consequence of saving the planet with the liberation of hemp?

Another doozy from Mr. Kennedy: “Every major medical organization and scientific arm that studies the brain, says this is not good for the brain…. So now we have to argue, then what are the proper policy solutions that are going to reduce incidence.”

No, obviously we don’t have to argue that, because there is some possibility that someone somewhere might be harmed by someone’s legal marijuana use, we must have a policy to reduce that “incidence” towards zero. We don’t do that with anything else! But I do think we should start doing that with things like GMOs and we should hold Monsanto to that standard, absolutely! I wonder if Mr. Kennedy will lead that charge against Monsanto!

Another absurd standard he holds only marijuana to is the notion that legalization will lead to higher youth use of marijuana because it is more readily available and culturally accepted, so, therefore, legalization is unacceptable. Sure, perhaps… but it will also lead to hundreds of thousands of our kids never doing jail time or getting involved in a criminal lifestyle! Hmm, do I want my kid not smoking marijuana more or him not going to jail and beginning a life of crime more?

Regarding IQ scores, there are no studies that actually show that people who use marijuana are any less intelligent than they would have been if they never used it. In fact, I believe there are some recent studies that show that marijuana users as a population have higher IQs than the population of Americans who don’t use it.

Mr. Kennedy warns that legal marijuana producers’ and their merchandisers’ product promotional endeavors will prey on minority communities. He called it “insidious.” “The notion that we’re going to be selling this stuff at CVS and Walgreens, that Krogers and Stop & Shops are going to be selling this stuff ought to frighten all of us.”

So, I guess he prefers the current status quo option, minority communities being preyed on by armed drug gangs.

Mr. Kennedy’s fundamental case is that unless marijuana is entirely harmless, it should never be legalized. Of course, how much time did Mr. Kennedy do for his years of drug and alcohol-fueled stoned-out-of-his mind driving around the streets of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C.?? Compared to those of us poor and tinted folks who don’t have buddy-buddy elite relationships with prosecutors and judges?

Kennedy: “I don’t want someone who thinks it’s no big deal to light up, driving down the highway. I’ve got three kids… We were nearly run over going through New York last week… It’s also about me being a father worried about three children and someone else out there on the road.”

Please note how he is implying that he was almost run down by someone who was stoned on marijuana, but that is probably completely untrue because he never says it. He stops himself in his tracks.

I think he is really worried–or should be–that someone arrogant ,selfish and grossly irresponsible to the safety of kids on the streets he was driving down, someone like himself high on cocaine, alcohol, and OxyContin, is out there on the road who really does pose a grave threat to his children. But, instead, he wants to transfer it on to all marijuana users, not accepting that it is his own individual self-indulgence and gross personal irresponsibility, maybe even malignant narcissism, that got him to the following state on May 4, 2006.

From wikipedia:

“On May 4, 2006, Kennedy crashed his automobile into a barricade on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., at 2:45 a.m. A Capitol Police official said the congressman had appeared intoxicated when he crashed his car, but Kennedy claimed that he was merely disoriented from prescription medications Ambien and Phenergan. Anonymous sources are alleged to have seen Kennedy drinking at the nearby Hawk & Dove bar prior to the accident. Kennedy also stated to officers that he was “late for a vote”. However, the last vote of the night had occurred almost six hours earlier. The standard field sobriety test was not administered, and Kennedy was driven home by an officer.

“On May 5, 2006, Kennedy admitted that he had an addiction to prescription medication and announced he would be re-admitting himself to a drug-rehabilitation facility at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where he has sought treatment for prior addictions. He has stated that he has no recollection of the car crash. On May 8, 2006, Kennedy got a show of support when he was endorsed by the Rhode Island Democratic Party. On June 5, 2006, Kennedy was released from drug rehabilitation.

“On June 13, 2006, Kennedy made a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to a charge of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. He was sentenced to one-year probation and a fine of $350. Two of the three charges (reckless driving and failure to exhibit a driving permit) were dismissed. He was also ordered to attend a rehabilitation program that includes weekly urine tests, twice-weekly meetings with a probation officer, near-daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and a weekly meeting of recovering addicts.”

Of course, on Crossfire, Mr. Kennedy pontificated:

“We pay fines all the time for things that are against the law. We ought to have this against the law. People ought to pay fines. If they do something really wrong they ought to go to jail.”

Then he finishes the show with, “It stunts IQ development. I mean the old marijuana that I started with is nothing like it is today. And thank God, because I’d be working with a few less IQ points right now if I was smoking the stuff that’s out there today.”

I’m sorry, but it just sounds like the same old junkie talk of self justification to me.

In Dr. Gupta’s program, he states, “Scientists in Israel are learning that marijuana use might actually protect the brain, not damage it. They’ve been able to show it can decrease the amount of brain damage from brain injuries in mice.” Dr. Julie Holland agrees and enthuses, “To be able to give a medicine after the injury to reverse some of the damage, that’s huge!”


I would also like to challenge Mr. St. Pierre’s claim that, “It’s a social contract when you work for an employer that if they don’t want you to use drugs, then you shouldn’t do them,” that American workers, therefore, have made a social contract with employers that employers have a right to require urine drug tests simply because they want to. There’s that lumping together again of cannabis, but not coffee and tobacco, with drugs.

We never made that social contract. Those policies were forced down the throats of the working class. Does he think employers have a right to stop us from using a substance because it is psychoactive? Then I guess religious employers have a social contract right to fire us for drinking coffee or alcohol or smoking tobacco in our homes if they don’t want their employees to do those things. If not, then why should they have such a right over cannabis consumers?

I wonder if he thinks we’ve made a social contract that if employers want you to not be gay, then you should not be gay.

Likewise, I challenge his notion that we should as a society have as a national goal to cut in half the number of pot smokers. We’ve had goals like that for tobacco because smoking it has killed hundreds of millions of people globally from lung and heart disease. Marijuana does nothing of the kind! It causes zero percent as many deaths from those diseases! So there is no reason to launch some enormous national crusades to stop marijuana consumption!

One thing you guys have shown us is that we obviously will need to produce a cannabis users bill of rights to protect ourselves from Republicans and Democrats alike. That’s a great reason for people to support my campaign for Congress. You can start by visiting and sign up to join me in this the cause.


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