13 Minutes of Hillary lying is evidence of her Psychopathy

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When somebody sends you a list of all the “great” things Hillary Clinton has going for her, keep the following in mind or add this to the comments section of that post.

But then there is the fact that Hillary is a psychopath (compare her words and history to the Hare Psychopathy Checklist)

…and that her basic world view is for a more globalized, deregulated, international neoliberalism and all out empire expansion.

She is not at all anti-Wall Street (Bernie decidedly is). Bernie obviously has class analysis. She does’t. Or she rejects it.

In the last debate she revealed that she does not at all reject her Iraq war vote as she espoused the exact same policy for implementation now; she is actually an unrepentant mass murderer, actively involved in obliterating at least 3 nations: Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya. Over a million dead and she doesn’t think that big a mistake disqualifies her from ever again having the power to make such decisions. The hubris! Has she ever apologized to the people of Iraq or Libya?

She is a zionist hawk and Netanyahu apologist.

And she is an ecological illiterate who in her book confused the Arctic sea ice with the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. She said the melting sea ice would cause significant sea level rise. [see Hard Choices, p. 497]

Oh, and that poll which indicates Americans wouldn’t vote for a socialist? The article is from last June, before Bernie’s campaign was unleashed. And the poll indicated 47% would vote for a socialist to 50% who wouldn’t. A mere three percent difference. I think Bernie has more than made up for that by now. And we probably need that number to get to 55% pro socialist for Bernie to win nationally.

From Facebook 3/1/16: I’m pretty amazed. It’s been over a week now since I asked my Facebook friends and I still haven’t heard from any Hillary supporters to tell me something good that she actually accomplished in government.

We all know she helped destroy Iraq and Libya, and as First Lady supported GATT and NAFTA, mandatory minimums for pot violations, and a lot more of Bill’s worst accomplishments, and she was a failure at getting health care.

But if Hillary supporters are going to impose her presidency on the rest of us, it seems they should do it based on a track record of making the nation and the world a better place and not just being a major contributor to the end of civilization and the death of the planet.