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The Climate Crisis & The Great Conversion to a New Green America:

The Climate and Ecosystem Destabilization Crisis should be declared and responded to by the President of the United States as our primary national security threat. Future sustainability should be included in policy definitions for assuring national security for people and their property. The Executive and both houses of the Legislative branches of the federal government shall produce annual national Ecological Security Threat Assessments.

Andy supports negotiation of international climate treaties as new international security and trade arrangements.

Andy supports the goal of reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases as rapidly as possible to 280 ppm CO2 equivalent. His call is 280 NOW!

Andy calls on President Obama to order the 2015 commencement of the decommissioning process for every coastal nuclear power plant. This process takes 30 or more years and Republican Climate Destabilization has created the situation where the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is now “unstoppably” going to collapse this century bringing about 20 feet of sea-level increase very rapidly, probably a foot per year. We can’t wait until that happens to begin these 30-year processes. Nuclear power plants are generally only 3 or 4 feet above sea level. They will be flooded out four years later.

The Great Green Conversion to a New Green America: A presidential declaration of ecological national emergency shall be declared due to the urgent need to prevent destabilization of our nation, our civilization, and the biosphere of our planet from climate and life support system destabilization brought down on the world by climate denialist traitors in our government.

New Green Energy Deal (New GED): 70-80% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions below 1990 levels by 2026; 90% by 2030 — global technology transfer as Waging Green Peace (WGP) defense policy and solution to our foreign debt.

At least two trillion dollars of federal money shall annually be redirected to the counties and cities and various non-profit and union organizations to design and rebuild our infrastructure, localized around eco-community zones called bioregions. The goal is to create a new infrastructure of production and distribution where everybody meets their needs from as close to home as possible. This allows the maximum reduction in need for fossil fuel and nuclear power as fast as humanly possible.

The President and Congress must now develop with coastal community local governments and states plans to relocate over two decades all residents from coastal America before they are wiped out by rapid sea-level increases.

Andy believes the global cost of rapid conversion of all nations’ economies should be paid for by nations in proportion to how much of a greenhouse gas load they have already added to the atmosphere. First and foremost, by the United States’ Super Rich Top 1% of income earners who have received 95% of the U.S. income gain since 2007. They got the most benefit, so they should pay the most for its negative impacts.

More federal funding shall be created from ending the War on Drugs and retreating the American empire, converting half our foreign bases to Ecotopian Conversion centers, especially those in the Third World, to help pay back the developing world for American industry’s historic load of greenhouse gasses and land conversion.

Convert to sustainable economies ASAP via community-organized Ecotopian Conversion Conferences. Focus public funds on universal local economic security.

All American military facilities set to close because they are no longer needed in a post-empire world shall be re-opened as Ecotopian Conversion Centers. No American communities shall suffer economic stagnation or even collapse because we no longer need to support military facilities in their regions anymore.

Full social support for displaced workers and disturbed communities.A nNew department at Government Accountability Office: Department of the World’s Best Ideas for solving social and ecological problems.

Fully-funded Community Activity Centers.

Fund the Internet infrastructure for maximum citizen access. Andy will fight for Net Neutrality.

Full support for libraries, PE, music, the arts, shop, apprenticeship in schools.

Free public transportation.

Free gym membership.

Community-centered Wellness emphasis on meeting health needs.

Green technology transfer to cover our foreign debt.

Internalize currently externalized ecological and social costs of production in the purchase prices of all products.

Green Conversion Stamps instead of Bank bailouts and cash stimulus plans. As we remove economic externalities by internalizing costs, many energy and food prices will rise significantly, and the poor and middle class should not suffer for it. These stamps will guarantee no net negative cost jumps for them. To go through such a major transformation of our society, to keep Americans united, we all must have economic and social security.

Support for green conversion of neighborhoods and over-sized single-family dwellings into multi-tenant dwellings.

Bicycle purchase rebates.

Fossil-Fuels car buyback.

Retool Now.

Bioregional Conversion Conferences.

Revenue-neutral carbon tax similar to that of British Columbia.

Andy supports Climate Nuremberg Trials.

Increased federal funding for basic scientific research.


Apply the best available technology for maximum conservation ASAP. Negawatts: you can effectively buy new energy, and replace the need for finding new fossil fuel sources by eliminating your need for it. Pay for negawatts–the costs for eliminating the need for fossil fuel and nuclear energy.

Energy production as close to end-use as possible. This minimizes energy loss over transmission lines and eliminates the need to replace the energy generated, but lost in transmission.

STOP COAL NOW! No new mines. No new coal plants. Phase-out all coal combustion energy production by 2030 (called for by NASA’s James Hansen).

Immediately halt all mountaintop removal coal mining and fracking.

Adopt a carbon pollution tax.

Repeal the Price-Anderson Act of government liability bail-outs for nuclear power plants.

End nuclear power globally.

No Clean Coal. We can save the planet if we abandon trying to save the coal corporations.

Labor & Jobs:

Andy is in solidarity with the organized labor and co-operative movements and encourages the internationalization of the labor movement. He is pro-union. Period. He is in solidarity with the workers of the developing world. He recognizes that we have been in a centuries-long class war waged against us all by the plutocrats. It’s time to fight back and oust them.

A guaranteed job for all.

Repeal 1947 Taft-Hartley Act anti-union law.

Financial and technical support for worker-ownership conversions.

Full employment in the United States.

Andy supports a Livable Wage.

Conversion Dole & reduced workweek.

Andy supports Fair Trade & Reciprocity Treaties, not Free Trade exporting of American jobs agreements.

Repeal GATT & NAFTA. Andy opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and North American Free Trade

Corporate Reform:

Andy supports a constitutional amendment to End Corporate Personhood and a comprehensive re-evaluation of corporate charters. If you can’t be thrown in jail for your crimes, then you aren’t a person and you do not deserve the rights of human beings. Speech comes out of one’s mouth. The press is written communication. Spending money is not the same thing as talking, so it is not speech.

End corporate welfare except when it is redirected to support conversion.

Andy supports restrictions on the application of the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution, which has allowed the federal government to prohibit states’ rights to pass more restrictive controls on negatively impactful commerce and more stringent ecological regulation.

Stop propping up only corporate-friendly solutions to societies problems. Let the medical insurance corporations fail. Let the fossil fuel companies fail. Let’s dismantle and reorganize “Too Big to Fail” banks and other corporations.

Let the major banks fail, and use the bailout money to bail out the Americans who lost their money to the Wall Street Ponzi System.

Support state banks and infrastructure banks.

Beef-up penalties for corporate crime. Make CEOs and corporate board members criminally culpable and prosecutable for major corporate crime and ecocide.10-Years without-possibility-of-parole minimum jail sentences for corporate crimes against communities, the environment, tribes, individuals, and future generations.

Buy-outs, not bailouts: Buy-out failing critical infrastructure corporations, don’tbail out the failures. As Michael Moore points out, we could have bought out GM on Wall Street for a lot less than we bailed them out. Retool them for building the infrastructure needs to create strong bioregional sustainable economies.

Adopt a Wall Street securities speculation tax.

Limit bank overdraft charges to $5.


Andy supports a Renaissance in support for public schools, equalizing the radically varying property tax base of support for schools using federal dollars. And will work to create the greatest public school system on Earth (even in Texas where people don’t know the three branches of the federal government or the name of the Vice President of the United States of America).

One hour of science every day, K-12.

Free advanced trade schools and college education through graduate school. Andy supports student loan forgiveness.

Summer Outward Bound-type wilderness education for all students beginning in grammar school. Andy supports a biocentric approach to teaching and supporting our youth.

Andy’s got a high school senior year job creation apprenticeship program. If kids stick it out to their senior year, they can take half the class load and form a profit or non-profit business, like a rock band or community service organization, with mentors and union representatives training them how to run their projects as successful, ecological, and just businesses. When our kids graduate from high school, they won’t just be trained to be good employees, but rather to create and run their own business enterprises.

Liberty, Freedom & Electoral Reform:

Codify legal rights for future generations. Andy is fighting for our youth and their future, first and foremost.

Constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote.

Supports the rights of gun owners, yet….

Passionately concerned about reducing urban gun violence. Andy supports a ban on bumpstocks, high-capacity ammunition magazines, and weapons of war, such as the AR-15, and closing the gun show loopholes.

Andy is extremely concerned about government and corporate spying on Americans. Andy is against FISA courts and spying on Americans.

Repeal the Patriot Act.

Andy supports the separation of church and state.

Andy supports paper ballots, counted by people.

Open up the presidential debates to third party candidates.

Public financing of elections.

Restore felon voting rights.

Day of election voter registration.

Put an end to ballot obstructionism and fast track prosecution for election fraud.

End gerrymandering.

End voter ID laws.

Impeach three Supreme Court justices and prosecute retired Justice Sandra Day O’Conner for their conspiracy to overthrow the Al Gore presidency.

Andy supports Vincent Bugliosi’s call for the prosecution of George W. Bush for murder and war crimes.

Food & Agriculture:

Family & co-op farmer financial support to save family farms and bear the costs of the organic/permaculture conversion of all agriculture.

Andy advocates for permaculture, bio-intensive farming, and urban agriculture.

Andy supports use of locally-produced, organic food in our schools.

Ban genetically-engineered agriculture products and other kinds of food and materials production, such as Frankenfish and Frankenforests. We must move to methods of food production that fit within the bioregions of Earth’s ecological systems, not ones that fundamentally and unpredictably alter them. He would fully support the labeling of genetically-engineered products in the interim.

Andy supports ending factory farming.

Marijuana & The War On Drugs:

Reschedule Cannabis to a schedule 4 substance.

Legalize possession, cultivation, commerce, and banking reform for Cannabis and derivative products such as hashish.

Decriminalize all personal drug usage.

End financing of The War on Drugs

Health Care:

Remove health insurance cost burden from wage stream entirely. Remove it as a burden to workers and employers alike. It was inserted in the wage stream and became an unbearable employment burden to keep workers in line and always struggling for jobs because without jobs, workers get no health care.

Replace Obamacare. Adopt single-payer national health insurance for all; aka Congress’s health insurance plan for all, Medicare for all.

Andy wants to liberate Canadian drug purchasing by Americans.

Comprehensive mental health support.

Free gym memberships for all.

Community-centered wellness emphasis for meeting health needs.

Andy supports reducing restrictions on many alternative-healing practices.

Andy examines every issue from the point of view of how do we move to wellness all around.

Personal as Political, Women, Gender & Native American Rights:

Supports same-sex marriage.

Andy supports anti-hate crime legislation for anti-gay violence.

Andy supports de-criminalizing prostitution, but with strict zoning and health support legislation.

Pro-Choice. Period.

Andy is extremely concerned about teen pregnancy, health, safety & abortions and will work on measures–not intrusive upon women’s rights–to reduce teen pregnancy and abortion.

Andy supports criminalizing invasive behavior by anti-abortion activists at the clinics of abortion service providers.

Andy supports passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Andy is extremely concerned about domestic violence, rape, and child abuse and calls for stronger penalties, better law enforcement and extensive funding of support resources for victims of violence and abuse.

Against the Death Penalty except for corporate and political crimes of murder (but would vote against the death penalty in all cases).

Justice for Native American land claims & greater sovereignty for tribes.

Entire overhaul of the bureaucracy that relates the U.S. Government to Native Americans, their governments, and control over land use.

Major initiatives and funding to aid the development of full employment in sustainable jobs and small business development on Indian reservations.


Free gym memberships for all. At the very least it provides shower and toilet facilities for every homeless person in the U.S. and a center of wellness and healthy thinking for their lives.

Laundry chits available at community support centers to all who need them.

Small-shelter communities and “Gypsy infrastructure” for the unhoused among us and Americans leading transient lifestyles for whatever reason. We have always had and will always have transient citizens for a variety of reasons. They need an appropriate infrastructure.

Community Security Arks (Centers)-not just one large community center but blocks of structures. Share centers.

Foreign & Military Policy:

Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW! No warring with Syria or Iran. Andy believes that American foreign and military policy is designed to control trading regions and the economies of other nations for the benefit of and control by transnational capitalists. The practice is to destabilize countries to justify American military presence. Andy offers his Green Peace foreign policy initiative as an alternative. Offer waring nations extensive support for sustainable infrastructure development funded by the historic users of fossil fuels in exchange for ending violence.

Money for defending Americans and their domestic property, not for maintaining the corporate empire.

End the embargo of Cuba.

Repeal the Monroe Doctrine.

Comprehensive nuclear weapons reductions.

Sign the land mine treaty.

Cut U.S. military budget in half.

Shut down half our U.S. bases in Europe.

Phase out nuclear weapons.

Foreign policy like Jesus would do it. No kidding! If we had turned the other cheek after the 9/11 attacks, thousands more American soldiers would still be alive, tens of thousands more would not have had their lives ruined by severe war injuries, and hundreds of thousands of American veterans would not have PTSD. Over a million Iraqis would still be alive. Much of the Middle East would not be irradiated for centuries from depleted uranium. The Christian church would not have been wiped out in Iraq. The Iraqi museum would not have been looted. There would be no ISIL. The 9/11 attacks should simply have been prosecuted as mass murder.

Retreat the empire with foreign base closures and conversion of them to Ecotopian Conversion Centers. American base conversions in the United States become the heart of community restoration programs (no net job loss), so the resistance to base closures is drastically reduced. Instead of fully decommissioning military bases with the assaults that brings to local economies, remove the military from them and fund their conversion to Ecotopian Conversion Centers. Do this to the militarily-defunded half of our bases around the world to aid the host countries in their greenhouse gas reduction efforts. This is our greatest hope for global greenhouse gas reductions that are fast enough to slow down ecological destabilization in time to prevent climate chaos.

Pay for the rest of the world to “Go Green.” It’s only fair. We’ve harnessed the economies of the world to meet our needs and maintain our consumerist comfort levels through neo-liberal investment policies that have ravaged all sustainability out of tribal and peasant communities and lifestyles. It’s not the faults of the Third World nations that the European and American empires, for centuries, have destroyed their sustainable agriculture by forcing them down the neo-liberal path of producing cash crops for export, no longer to meet the needs of their own citizens.

End the use of depleted uranium.


Major overhaul of V.A. system (e.g. triple funding for PTSD support).

Double soldier pay and teacher pay; 100% hazard pay for field cops in high hazard areas; otherwise 50% increase for police, fire fighters, and others who risk life in service to our country and freedoms and to maintain peace and safety.


End all intrusions into native biodiversity.

Emergency Nature Systems Restoration Program (ENSR pronounced “ensure”) and National Ecosystem Regeneration and Restoration Jobs Program (NERRJ): Ubiquitous, extensive, bioregional, ecological regeneration and restoration programs for recovery of the natural world.

Andy supports The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA).

Andy supports the Big Wild system of expanding ecological reserves and the preservation and restoration of migration corridors.

Andy supports major controls to prevent the introduction of exotic species and a massive effort to eliminate invasive species. Full funding for whatever it takes to restore our ecosystems.

De-toxify the environment and the economy.

Ecological Police enforcement.

Restore the Precautionary Principle for the creation of new chemicals and medicines.

Create a Poisoned Paradise open source government database: detailed Google Earth-type database of all previous ecological accidents for every square foot of the country. Moving to a new neighborhood? You should be able to easily find out that there was a PCB spill and clean-up on your block 15 years earlier.

Free toxic load testing of all Americans to determine their bodily pollution loads.

Public Epidemiology database. Want to know how and why people are getting severely ill or dying where you live? All of that data becomes open source.

Life sentences for CEOs and corporate executives responsible for any deaths caused by corporate decisions to increase pollution, land-use abuse, etc.

Supports legislation to buy out grazing permits from public lands ranchers, and eliminate public lands ranching. End all subsidized anti-ecological resource extraction enterprises on our public lands.

Andy supports ending the hunting of all whales and dolphins and various other ocean mammals.

Lead a national boycott of Japan from inside Congress until they cease all “research whaling” and the Taiji Dolphin slaughter.

Andy supports the elimination of all drift gillnet fishing.

Sentience rights codified for primates, marine mammals, and other creatures thought to have conscious awareness.

National Bioregional Security Act (NBSA): National research effort to assess resource extraction and pollution load sustainability limits to aid the Great Green Conversion planning by local governments to design our new sustainable, localized, economic infrastructure design.

Andy supports the intrinsic right of nature to exist in its wild state.

Government Crime:

Pay war restoration to the rest of the world by funding sustainable infrastructure construction in every Developing World nation ASAP.

RICO prosecution of the Republican Party as an organized crime syndicate and terrorist organization engaged in conspiracies to overthrow the U.S. government, and to loot and commit terracide on the U.S. for the benefit of our nation’s foreign and domestic enemies in the Fossil Fuel oligopoly. Prosecute party leaders for treason, sedition, and subverting the national security of the United States of America for the benefit of the owners of fossil fuel industry corporations.

RICO investigation of the Republican Party as a treasonous criminal syndicate Supports recognition of the International Criminal Court and prosecution of American war criminals.

Supports Kissinger et al. extradition for war crimes trials, for war crimes from the Vietnam War to the present.

Treason trials for Bush Coup participants. Impeach the three remaining Supreme Court Justices who voted for the overthrow of the U.S. Gore Presidency and disenfranchised Florida voters in violation of sworn oath to protect the U.S. Constitution and assure equal protection under the law. That is, impeach Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy. Prosecute ex-Justice Sandra Day O’Conner for the same crimes.

Then declare that Bush was therefore never our elected president (making Obama the 43rd president) and declare his two Supreme Court nominees, Roberts and Alito invalid since they had to be appointed by a legitimate U.S. President and they never were, and impeach them. That would give Obama five nominees to appoint. We would have a vastly different future!

While Andy does not count himself among the 9/11 Truth Movement, he does believe that every single one of their concerns should be investigated by Congressional hearings.

Immigration Issues:

End all foreign aid to all murderous governments around the globe. Money for New Orleans and Superstorm Sandy victims, not for Israel.

Solutions for Latin American worker migration problems:

  • Andy supports eliminating neo-liberal loaning policies in Third World countries.
  • Andy supports immigration reform and humane treatment of all immigrants.
  • Andy strongly opposes a border wall.

Andy, having grown up in Los Angeles and gone to college in San Diego, is extremely concerned about the ecological and social impacts of unregulated migration on border communities and property owners and supports strong border control.

Media, Commercial Advertising & the Postal Service:

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

Eliminate television commercials and all mind-warping uses of mass communications infrastructures. Our brains can’t process the sounds and images rapidly poured via commercial media into our minds to manipulate our emotions, cravings, and thoughts faster than we can evaluate the ideas they convey. No more brainwashing of Americans.

Freedom from corporate intrusion on community aesthetics and the elimination of advertising intrusion in public spaces.

Andy supports full funding of PBS. PBS must be commercial free. No more corporate propaganda from PBS!

Andy supports the removal of all commercial advertising in our public schools.

$200 per person media vouchers (total cost $20-30 billion) (cf PBS Now 1/15/10).

Restore media rate subsidies for mail.

Andy supports the American postal service and opposes shutting down post offices or curtailing delivery days.

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