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For eight years, the Republicans in Congress have stymied every major effort of the Obama presidency, placing our nation and the world in great peril. Andy Caffrey believes that President Bernie Sanders will face the same obstruction unless he has a stalwart team in Congress to fight for his agenda.

Andy is the first Congressional candidate pledged to fully support Bernie’s agenda. This makes him the first Sanders Democrat to run for Congress, or the first Berniecrat.

Andy is the only Democrat who has been warning us that the primary agenda of the Congressional Republicans is the dismantling of our democratic form of government.

The more they clog it up with bogus hearings and shut it down–the fewer laws they pass–the more the Big Corporations and Super Rich elites win and remain unregulated.

There is a class war and it’s being waged by the rich against you and your children. We need to fight back now, or we’ll lose everything anybody has ever loved, including the entire planet!

Your support will make the difference! Andy was the first to call for an electoral revolution and Bernie joined that call for his political revolution. Andy was the first to call the climate crisis the nation’s greatest national security threat. Bernie and President Obama agree with him. So does Pope Francis! No one will fight harder or be a smarter ally for Bernie in Congress.

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You can also mail a contribution payable to “Caffrey for Congress.” Please include your contact information so that we can get your answers to a few questions required of donors by the Federal Election Commission.

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